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on sale now: the assassination of kathy acker, by matias viegener

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Chapbook | $8 | 32 pp. | 4.25” x 6.25” |  April 2018

The day before she dies: Kathy wakes from a nap and tells me that the door is open. I tell her all the doors in the room are shut. But she is suspicious, and asks me to close the door. Which door? I ask. She looks around the room and then behind her bed. I think there’s a door behind me, she says. She dreamt that it was open and all the animals would get out.
No, I say, I think it’s closed.

Kathy Acker’s literary executor & friend Matias Viegener on her death & afterlife.

MATIAS VIEGENER is a writer, artist, and critic working solo and collaboratively in the fields of writing, visual art, and social practice.

dear friends and chosen family,

“I need anything, anything that will stop me from living in the kind of death the bourgeois eat, the death called comfort.”  –kathy acker, from in memoriam to identity

happy spring! well, almost. in some places, anyway. lennie briscoe and i are thrilled to bring you the newest installation from guillotine, Matias Viegener’s beautiful and haunting The Assassination of Kathy Acker. equal parts unsparing account of her death and transcendent meditation on her life, Assassination is a singular window into the interior world of this ferocious and magnificent patron saint of the queer, the fearless, and the furious. here's to kathy, who made so many of us possible.

keep loving, keep fighting

xoxo sarah